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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  November 8, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EST

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language. and so much more that is our show. we will see you next week. just as job brought is coming back, is capitalism under attack? hi everyone i am brenda and this is bulls and bears. the white house rejecting the keystone pipeline while protestors from london to chicago bash capitalism and now ahead of tuesday's fox business debate union activists are fuelling for a higher minimum wage will this attack drive a stake through the job market. joining us is john layfield and
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free market and. >> of course it does. the keystone pipeline is the perfect example. he said that this is fine and they're doing this as a political move. that's all that it is. the minimum wage and you don't know why you don't have it in west texas of $15. nobody wants to make the little amount of machine. you have the jobs out there and listen to the americans and where they raise the minimum wage over time. you start to lose the jobs and president obama was the one who del delayed. poverty from the wilson review in states was not affected by the minimum wage growth, and you had the average family who has a minimum wage worker make $53,000
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per year. this is not the way to address the poverty. it's about politics and unions and votes. otherwise they would fix it long term and no one is talking about fixing it long term. >> do you agree with that? >> no. no. i don't agree with that and extremely little that was in there. the difference -- >> a loft people don't agree with the facts. >> go ahead emily. >> the difference dm the current minimum wage and making $12 an hour and $10 an hour is a big difference to a family of four that's living on 15 you thousand dollars a year and that's the current minimum wage. even companies and even big companies are telling you that wage stagnation is hurting them. they do not have customers. they need people to be making more money to be buying things. they feel that the economy is growing but not feeling it themselves. >> isn't this just basic
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economic and supply and demand? >> without a doubt the minimum wage going up is going to affect the businesses and cannot raise the prizes. it's going hit the workers. there's another number to focus on and that's participation rate. we have the great jobs report and everybody is cheering and the stock market had the reaction. it's stuck at 62 percent and should be closer at 66 percent. if i was word rried about that, would be talking ability out it >> a lot of these people seem to be saying that's not true and that socialism would be better. if we look at the history and jobs numbers from socialist countries, that does not hold up, does it? >> no, it does not. look at the history of
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innovation and leadership. it's never come from socialist countries. i cannot think of one life changing event or innovation that came from anything or country. why? because remember from the movie wall westreet when they said th it's about greed. greed is good. it's good because it makes people want to get ahead. if you know that you can only make a certain amount of money and you know that you can only get to a certain level and it all has to go back to the government, where's the incentive to create the next google or twitter or microsoft? it's not there. the desire to make mountains of money is what causes innovation and that's why america got to be great. we're slowly taking that away as the government grows, and that's what i am most fearful about. >> the biggest problem with the
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poli policy is that there's better way toss deal with with them and the pipeline and taxes and pollution that would do something and minimum wage is is not the best way to deal with the in equality problem. it benefits the person and the person that gets the 12 or $15 bonus is better off. the whole company is not. with that said and the low in employment, we can handle it now. the best way to fix it is not inflation but to have it in fluctuate with the unemployment rate. that solves the problems and if it goes up, the wages go away to nothing and then people would hire more when you have low unemployment you have a $12 minimum wage without destroying the economy and then there's a balancing mek micchanism and he people in good times and bad times. >> john, one of the things that you usually object to the
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minimum wages is that it's just a number thrown out there and there's no business behind it. >> yeah, look emily is a great guest, and i don't want to pick on her. this rallying cry is no facts on this. why are you giving everybody $12 an hour? this does not agrease tddress t poverty and it has to do with the education. the average family is $53,000 a year that has a minimum wage worker. this is not the way to address the poverty. you tie it to a basket of wage skbs never have to deal with it gain. why did they pick that because it looks good on a bumper sticker. it is deep as a bumper sticker on a car. they do not have a rational for wanting to do this. if it term and then you do not have to deal with it and then take it out of the politicians and union hands ask they're
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worthless of sticking up for the little guys that none of these guys are doing. >> speaking of unions they're backing the pipeline and new the president rejected it. what do you think of that? >> yeah, that's something that's off the table. the state department said that they made the decision for a variety of issues and look first of all if we're going to say that the $12 minimum wage goes out of nowhere. i will go half and tens and that's fine. >> why that number? >> why that number? you picked a number and why that number? >> if we tied it to inflation, wouldn't that have taken us $20 to where we should have been right now? >> no, that's not true. if you tie it to 1968 and take it to over $10, but 1988 and 48. you're cherry picking numbers here. the low inflation years and
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you're well under the current minimum wage if you tie it to inflation. that argument does not work. >> wages are not going to be what proves or closing the pottery gap. that's about growth. we keep on coming back to the debate that it's growth and to have growth you have to have policies that do businesses and make it easy for people to go in and stay in business. that's just a scary topic. every time that you talk about doing things for business they find something else to go into an argument. here is a fun fact and we went to college and at the same time they were protesting the streets and then closing the gap and then wages. we have to come back and then the wages are not what it's going do and it's going to be the growth and rising tide. >> gary b, last word? >> well, i want to get back to the minimum wage number and ask the left where do they think that the money comes from? they say that it comes from the rich corporation and big fat
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cats. they do not have the cots there. it's off the bottom line. what do you think that they use the money for? they use it to grow and expand and open new businesses. you don't have that money and cannot expend and don't ke appreciate the jobs. it's as simple as that. the left seems to -- i don't know they're ignorant on that fact. >> okay. great debate. next time somebody asks my age, i am going say blah blah blah. we will see if this is going ton an issue at the wall street journal debate and moderated by neil and he is up up next. hey, killing the keystone pipeline and ahead of the fox business debate did he just give all of the candidates the green light to drill away. have you seen this? some vulgar kids flipping off and cursing out donald trump in a new add. is this any way to teach the children how to act?
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see you at the bottom of the hour. >> sure will. we cannot wait. up here first. look how iran is thanking us for the deal. forget lifting the sanks. is it time
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we live in a world of mobile technology, but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you.
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now back to more bulls and bears. more death to america chants in iran this week.
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don't borromeo erworry they don to us and the people but death to the policies. we're about to free up billions of dollars to them. you have another plan, what is it? >> i say to keep the sanctions that we have brenda. my premises is pretty straightforward. iran is a bully and they want to kill us. the best way is to hit the bully where it hits the most. with iran, it's in the wallet. how do we know? the resent sanctions that we had in place cut the exports by 17 billion and auto production in half and pharmaceutical industry worth 2 and a half billion and unemployment was over 11 percent. if you remove the sanctions, you may as well put the arm around them and give a nice wet kiss. it's just silly the direction at that we're going. >> and susie to gary's point about bullies, this is about
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treating a bully. >> this reminds maue of a story. one day she turned around and said i know that you have troubles and i do too. let's coexist in the park and said i want to kill you. the next day she we want out and got the pepper stray and the guy came up behind him and sprayed him and he never saw him again. some people are like that and that's iran. i am with you on that one, and they're bullies and sanctions will would. >> the whole death is 1979 and i don't know. is it a good country and there's a problem there but do the sanctions really -- they feel good and seem like the right thing do. are we -- we want to attack and turn that around and when you do the sanctions, you're turning them around and they turn to the
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leader and that's why north korea and them never got out of the regems and then they say that it's so wonderful that you have to worry what we do. and invade -- we would get really made that they were deciding who should and should not have it. what if they did that with north korea. be ware of what citizen were punishing first and the rulers to turnover. >> i am afraid to throw it to john because he may take a punch. go ahead. >> i disagree and if you have a dictator you have a good and then there's a guy down in cuba. they are not a physical threat of the armies invading everybody. they don't have the gas and they're a poor country. iran is different. we're going make them one of the richest countries in the world.
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we had four as and they had deuces and we let them do the terms. this was a horrible deal. the amount of people in iran that were upset for all of this were about -- on the verge of revolt and change. we're going the make them one of the richest countries in the world by lifting the sanctions. i am with geaary and think that it's a horrible idea. >> it was one deal and sewly focused on that they do not produce nuclear material. 30 years of talking has not worked. they have been brought in for the first place and that's the deal that we got. you can't hide that and now there's no trust in the deal. now the u.s. can inspect. >> gary b? >> well i tell you you what from what i read and no one even knows how the inspections are going to go. i would not trust iran as far as i can throw them. the other countries that we talked about did not make the
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threats on other countries and i don't think that pakistan is growing up, and i disagree there and going back to the original point, they're evil. we need to stop evil and the sanctions are the best way to do it. >> are they invading everybody and i think that there are worst actor in the world. they're just not -- the attacking they just talk allot and there's a leader and we have to get them out of there. i don't think that there's a big as threat. >> okay. we have to leave it on that. cashing in over an hour from now eric what do you have coming up? >> some demanding tv host be fired because of the take on this video. is the far left free e speech in america? got a joke to tell at work. why funny people are being told to pipe down on the punch line.
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amid-the investigation over there sources say that tsa may change the screening process here. failing another round of secret security tests ask prioritizing it would keep us the safest, why? zb >> yeah, i think what you should do is prioritize this and there are good tsa's out there. i fly every single week. there are some that have errors and lapses of judgment as far as security. i think that you have a user tax and fee on those that fly all of the time. those that do not fly should not pay for the security. the government has not done anything since it's been aurnt. prioritizing it would stream line it and allow them to get what they need and get the
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taxpayer expense. >> yeah, i think that we have to ask yourself how does the terrorist won. there's no dignity at all and you can get through the face moisturizer. we have just gone too far with all of the security. >> susie? >> i am with john on this one and it has to be prioritized for one word and one word only and accountability. when it's ran by a company, you need the accountability. that does not happen in the government. you have to have people that are hungry not to fail or another one is going to happen here. >> you're worried about the profits? >> yeah, bush decided that the government should take it over and the problem is that the government does not operate business well. they can ship it around but we're not like europe. they can do stuff. we can not do something like security. therefore, it has to be in the private hands and we have to
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bring it back. we move the airlines and you have to have the liability to have the private sector and it's not a profit and settling the access to the line and being worried about being sued and you have to have that to the airlines. >> yeah, i want to go back to susie and mentioning the word if you skrup. homeland did a test and tried to smuggle the weapons through the checkpoint and do you know how many times the tsa failed? 67 times. would you imagine losing 67 of 70 packages? this is one that went from 16 and a half thousand screen ers to 48 thousand and 15,0,015,000. i go through the airports and see the tsa guys with the uniforms just standing there. maybe it's time to give private enterprise a tracrack at this o >> okay. thanks guy.
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thank you guys for joining us. why the breakfast of why the breakfast of champions will have at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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at ally bank no branches equalsit's a fact.. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. predictions gary? >> holiday time is coming up and people travel and stay at
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hotels. i like marriott. >> online payment is going to grow and papal up 20 percent. >> people don't know this but beer and wine has animal products and mow they're going to be somett vegans can drink. that's good for the sales. >> cheers. ♪ all right. so ski stokeystone out of their and the president putting it on the keystone pipeline and look who is piping up? >> if anybody with common sense believe that barack obama was considering the keystone pipeline. >> they decided to put it over thousands of good paying american jobs and that's a mistake. >> this is a big mistake. when i am president, it's going to be reversed. >> a head of the debate on tuesday did the president just give all of these guy


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